Creator / Artist Management

Research and find fitting Brands and Affiliate Partners (From curated pool and lead generation across the Nordics x Germany)

Negotiate Brand deals
Refine Briefings

Creative Consulting and Process Management


Cross Platform Content Creation and Design

Social Media / Content Strategy

Production for Podcast, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, OnlyFans (Physical proximity or remote work, possibly working with local partners)

Blog Posts / Ghostwriting

Owning the whole process, in parts or help you build a system that fits your business. (How to be generate consistent ouput, How to vet ideas and predict trends etc.)

If in physical proximity I can provide help shooting and lend equipment / set up

AI Consulting (Helping you find the right tools)

Performance Testing and Consulting


Community Management and Communications

Drive Engagement



Brand Building

Brand Design

Visual Identity (Logo, Colours, Shapes, etc.)

Tone of Voice

Different needs? If there is anything missing in my offer that you’d be interested in getting support in, please dont hesitate to drop me a message below. I am continuously refining and extending my offers for my clients.

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